2009 I started Bartenders' Choice Awards (BCA) with a couple of friends of mine. This was a reaction to a tendency we all saw in the bar industry. We were concerned that the wrong bars and bartenders were praised for the wrong things. We needed to create a path for the bar industry to walk forwards on, and we needed the path to include what we saw were missing. We created an award for the bars, bartenders, products, etc. that showed most promise, according to 100 of the best bartenders and bar influencers in Stockholm.

2013 we decided to re-create the visual identity of Bartenders' Choice Awards. This because we started a expansion to two more of the nordic capitals, and we realized that Bartenders' Choice Awards was frequently being called BCA by the industry.

Logo for local awards.

Photographic guidelines.

Ex. Poster local awards.

Ex. Usage of logo on dark pic.

Ex. Sales presentation.

Three trends brought to Stockholm by The B.C.A.

One of the goals we put up for B.C.A. was to educate and bring new trends to the bar scene in Stockholm. 


"BIG ICE" Richard Boccato is a pioneer in ice cutting, and one of the best bartenders in the world. From his bar "Dutch Kills" in Long Island City, he started "Hundredweight", a company that distributes hand cut ice to the best cocktailbars in NYC. After this workshop "Park Island Ice Department" started in Stockholm, and "Is Companiet" started to deliver mashine cut, big ice cubes. All to meet the demand from Stockholms best cocktailbars.


"Fat Washing" Jim Meehan is one of the most acclaimed bartenders in the world, and runs the bar Please Don't Tell in NYC (PDT for short) He came to Stockholm and introduced Fat Washing, which is a way to flavor spirits or cocktails with fatty savoury things (like bacon). This technique is still used by Stockholm's best bartenders to put new exiting flavours in to your cocktail. 


"Neue Molecular Mixology" Matthew Bax is Australia's most prominent bartender and runs a movement to get bartenders around the world to understand the posibilitys, that creativity behind the bar, and new molecular endeveaurs gives you. The bars "Der Raum" [AUS] "Gamsei" [GER] and "Tippling Club" [SGP] is only a few of the bars that work with Mathew as a creative leader.
With "Neue Molecular Mixology" Matthew tries to show bartenders that "Molecular" is more than something odd to add to a otherwise bland cocktail.

This is how we celebrate when a year is over.

This is the 7th year of our mission to make Stockholm a better cocktail city, and to take one of our wonderful Swedish bars, to the the list of "The world's 50 best bars". This mission will most probably be a reality during 2016/17. The film above is from The Award dinner 2013.