I collaboration with Mwuana, (swedish rapper) Tretorn celebrated the classic design of their shoe Nylite. Mwuana redesigned the shoe and i documented the proces for social media and the Tretorn website. The film above is the long version that run on their website. To se the one made for social media click through to their instagram here.

Introducing Tretorn's Rain Jacket from the Sea, the Ghost Net Collection. The collection consists of more responsible, low impact rainwear made from discarded fishing nets from the sea, also known as ghost nets. Launching April 2017, Rain Jacket from the Sea will be sold exclusively by Naturkompaniet and Partioaitta and shipping worldwide.
(I made this film in collaboration with the Head of Marketing Europe at Tretorn, over a period of 3 months. Not a one day project)

Stories for Supper

Instagram film for Marie Laveau

Drinks with Oddka and Jakob Sundin

Meet the press with New Zealand wine and Oddka

Documentation of 7 eleven event with Friends

Web-TV for Pernod Ricard

The Nobel Dessert 2013

Menigo - Innovator of the year 2012

Recycle film for Nespresso

This film actually took me more than one day to make. For the most parts, becouse graphics and Voice-Over took me a little bit longer than expected.