I was hired as barmanager at Lydmar Hotel to develop a unique bar for a hotel with a homey feel. I started out finding out where people feel the most at home when they go to partys, and why they feel that way in that particular place. Usually the host will want you to hang out in the livingroom and this is where you decorate and put out your snack or whatever. Should I mirror this room for the bar? No, the heart of the party is always the kitchen. We all end upp in the kitchen. You are close to the beer in the fridge and if your lucky, you can even smoke under the kitchen fan.

I needed that feeling inte bar. I designed the bar similar to a kitchen. I took away the barfront entirely, and replaced it with tall kitchen tables. This made people stop standing side by side and interact face to face instead. I turned the bartender from the guy behind a counter, and made them interact with their guests. Now we have a host in a kitchen where you have no visible limits for where its ok to stand, socialize or order cocktails. This was a bit hard to grasp for our first guests, but in due time became more and more appreciated, and we wer talked about as the most welcoming bar in Stockholm, although we worked out of one of the most luxurious hotels in town.

Flygande scenen

During the summer of 2009 I felt like reviving the image of Lydmar Hotel as a thriving music scene for upp and coming artists in Stockholm. We had one problem though. Not enough room to have live artists playing on our terrass. My solution for the problem was a game me and my brother used to play as a child. We called it "luften är fri", translated into english: "the air is free". This meant that you could do whatever you wanted around another person, as long as you didn't touch them. Translated in to this project we rented a huge elevator that usually was located on building sites. On the elevator we built a stage. Now we had room for the bands and raised them up to the level of the terrass. We had a two day music festival and called it the Flying stage of Blasieholmen.

Photo exibitions at Lydmar

During my time at Lydmar we had a lot of exibitions in our lobby. I was asked to make invitations for most of them.