”Tell it with a sandwich”

The Swedish bread brands Skogaholm temporarily changed its iconic name "Skogaholmslimpan" to "kompislimpan" (the friend loaf) in a campaign for anti-bullying organization Friends. The company asked Prat PR for help to reach out to the right audience, families, and drive sales because Skogaholm expected a dip in sales when they renamed the product. The challenge was to create a link between the commercial bread and Friends anti-bullying message.

The first sketches that sparked the idea of a language for sandwiches.

We were inspired by the flower language and gave it a twist, created a dictionary for different meanings of spreads so that consumers can now use a "mack (short for sandwich) language" to send a "mack message" to their loved ones.


How to "mackspråket" for facebook page.

We created a graphic dictionary with icons showing the most popular sandwich toppings and the personal qualities that they communicated. "Mack language" activated by store advertisements, breakfast events for family bloggers, workshops for kids, advertising campaigns and a sample app for Facebook.

PR campaign reached a total of 747,700 consumers within the target group. The digital activation resulted in an increase in the number of followers on Skogaholms Facebook page with 100%. Facebook app led to 1,000 loaves were sold during the first 12 hours. During the event were sampled more than 3,500 Buddy Sandwiches, and most important of all, there was no dip in sales during the promotion period.


Lexicon for "mackspråket". More will be added by Skogaholm in later campaigns.